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Here's a toast to those who are not party animals!

To those who, maybe, would have liked to be. But chose a routine of more work and less parties, in order to build a life full of different wonders.


To those who appreciate things that have some key differentiators and are walking boldly towards novelty, though they never forget the traditional values of goodness and beauty.


To those who know that family is what matters most and sensibly spot the occasions which call for a special celebration.

Long live the 'non-party animals'! 

They know that in the search for wonder there are no endings, only new begginings. They also know that this toast is about so much more than parties!




Composing special celebrations is our mission here in Adequat Eventos. We help couples bring their dream wedding or vow renewal  into reality. We've been doing this since 2017 and, since then, we've told stories of dear families through their parties.

We do not offer full service planning

We do not offer part-time planning

We do not offer day-of coordination

We do better than that. With our director, Lilian Rocha's, experience and the research she's conducted in the wedding industry, we have developed a composition method of our own to serve our clients. We understand that each of their requirements is unique. We listen to what they want and share our ideas to help refine the project. We do not restrict our thinking to things we have done or seen before and can guarantee privacy and discretion to our clients at all events under our care. Contact us for more details.

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