Adéquat is an event planning company, designed for couples who want a celebration of love with deep connections.

We are a wedding planning, vow renewal and romantic experiences boutique, for those who want to touch the heart and warm the soul of the special people in their life.

We are passionate about creating affective events and, for us, good parties are those that make the world a little better. After all, it is people who change the world and you can change people, by showing them that they are loved and valued, through an event that creates true and meaningful experiences.

The Brand

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Nice to meet you, I'm Lilian Rocha. Before coming to the world of love celebrations, I majored in Literature at USP - University of São Paulo. Since then a lot has changed and other specializations in events, management and planning became part of my life. But if there's something I brought from this first graduation, it was the appreciation for stories and a trained eye, to read between the lines what is not being said. That's what makes me capture people's essence so well and translate it into parties.


Personally I am also someone who believes in God, in love, in hard work and in generosity. Some people will say I can be a little stubborn.

But don't  worry. I use that last part of "stubbornness" in favor of my clients. I'll do everything necessary and even more for your celebration to be a success.

Who is behind it

It is very difficult to completely dissociate who we are from what we do. So I end up bringing many of my personal values ​​to Adéquat. I prefer to invest in experiences, consume less quantity and more quality and I am also a person who values ​​excellence, connection and sustainability. Consequently, this ends up being reflected in my work.

Here we avoid printing information on physical paper as much as possible, so we work with an excellent online system. However, when customers prefer to have our contract printed, for example, we do it on seed paper, which is 100% biodegradable. We deliver it in an envelope clutch, which can be used again later by you, as a handbag or as a travel bag.

Everything we do here is thought out with great care, in every detail, to convey the values ​​of excellence, sustainability and humanized service, which are so important to me.

Our values

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The planning

My planning is affective and creative. I take care of weddings, vow renewals, romantic experiences and never use the same project more than once. Your celebration will be unique. A true expression of who you are as people and as a couple. In order to do this, I limit myself to planning very few events per month. You can be sure that your party will have all my attention and care.

Together, we will bring everything you want to life, using flowers, lights, music and breathtaking spaces. We are going to plan the gastronomy for your specific taste, harmonizing with excellent drinks and sweets that will make your guests sigh.

To make it happen, I count on partner vendors who are also completely passionate about what they do, besides being extremely creative.

I always review the proposals and contracts and send them to you, with great transparency. I am always here for whatever you need. Emails, phone calls and video calls are unlimited. Our meetings can take place online or in person. Whatever works best for you is how we're going to do it.

All of our processes begin with you, the party hosts. What you like, your aspirations and what you want to leave as a legacy in the world. Then we go over everything with the eyes of the guests, because absolutely everything matters. What they will see, what they will hear, what they will taste, how they will be welcomed and treated at the party. Ultimately, it all sends a message about who you are.

Anyway ... choosing an event planner is not much different than choosing who you are going to marry. You need to like, trust and connect with her. So, if you liked what you've read so far, get in touch by clicking on the button below and let's chat about your celebration.

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